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Watercolour Painting Classes in Italy

Watercolour Painting Classes in Italy

Watercolour (and other) painting in Italy. More than a dream!

This link is to my temporary blog - website being constructed between paintings!

Here is my concept:

I offer friendly small art classes in a wonderful environment. This is "real Italy", away from the tourists of Tuscany. Classes will always stay small, because I don't want to be responsible for flooding the town with tourists.... I do enough of that already as friends and family fall in love with my adopted home!

I live in a tiny historic village, overlooking the wonderful Liri valley, halfway between Rome and Naples. I have always enjoyed sharing the things I love with others, and to do this in another country I am taking the leap and "going it alone".

My aim is to provide flexible options to see that each visitor gets the painting holiday they desire. All classes will be designed around individual needs and preferences.

Why am I so flexible? When I was a young mother living and painting in New Zealand I dreamed of taking an art holiday. I drooled longingly over the offers, but they were always packaged just out of my reach. The time was too long to be away from children, the price too high, the accommodation too luxurious for someone on a budget. Now that I live and paint in Italy I have the chance to offer what I could never find for myself. You could call it making my dreams come true "in reverse!".

PS: I also provide a Battlefield Tour service for English speaking travellers wanting to visit the sites of the four Battles of Cassino, WWII.